Deborah Jackson, Psychologist

I am a Registered Psychologist who believes in the importance of knowing yourself well and living in a way that’s true to who you really are – as an individual and as part of a connected community and the natural world around you.

My approach is holistic. I bring the strength and safety that comes from alignment with Psychology as a discipline – the training, the research base and knowledge about what has worked for others in a similar situation to yourself. I combine this with sensitivity to soulful concerns and mind-body intelligence.

I had a long consulting career in the corporate world, where I encouraged leaders, teams, brands and organisations to listen deeply and find their place, their vibrance, the thing the world most needed and wanted from them, that they also most desired to offer up. As well as my private practice, I have also worked in university settings – currently at Bond University and before that at Macquarie University where I have helped staff, students and members of the local community to move beyond fears and life challenges and step forward in life resourcefully and with purpose.

For three decades, I have worked with individuals, organisations and business leaders,

always to help heal, reveal and express the essence of a thing.

Somewhere along the line life happened to me, and I chose it.  I left behind comfort and cubicles and corner offices, a marriage and friends, dinner parties with matching plates and glasses and went exploring.

I’ve suffered chronic illness, been very close to death, lost everything twice, been excrutiatingly lonely … and rebuilt.

I have opened into mystery and unknowing; felt sense and expanded moments, exquisite beauty and dark pain and live now, for the most part, at one with the beating heart of it all.

If you are grappling with serious mental heath concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma or grief I will be helping you not just to learn strategies to manage symptoms, but to use the process to discover what is desired most deeply in your soul and help you find the way to bring this forward in your life.

If you connect with me for life coaching, we will be doing the same thing and together developing strategies for you to express your truth and purpose, to offer your gifts and to live according to your deepest values.

I have been told that I am warm, empathic, creative and hold a good balance between opening to mystery and unknowing, and grounding ideas and changes into reality.

I would love to see you feeling more connected to the truth of who you are and free to create in your life from this place.

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BA Psych & Soc (Hons) | PG Cert Applied Psychology | Dip Holistic Counselling | Cert Transformational Life Coaching | Advanced Certificate Metaphysics and Transpersonal Psychology

Registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority).  Registered for provision of services through Medicare, Workcover and Drake EAP program.  Member of Mental health Professionals Network.