Friends walking, counselling

Possibly something in your life is not working the way you would like it to. You may be feeling stuck or down, stressed, frustrated or just not yourself.

Likely you are keen to fix the immediate problem – to get sleeping again, for example, to have your partner listen to you and really get it, to resolve the conflict at work. These are important and counseling can provide you with the tools, insights and process to support that. More importantly though,

we can uncover, tend to and begin to heal the place in you these problems created from so that they do not need to present in your life again – through another guise, in another person, conflict or health issue.

When our awareness is with the problem and the repercussions of it in our lives it can be difficult to see or access the patterning that is holding it in place. Holistic counseling can support you to see the problem in the context of your own evolution and growth. It’s often a symptom of something internal that needs to be noticed, accepted, honoured and evolved into a way of being that is more supportive of your truth and potential.

During sessions you can expect to feel deeply heard and understood, to have some permission and breathing space around your feelings and to start to look at thinking patterns and how they could evolve to support your wellbeing.

My invitation to you is to explore how the difficulties and challenges in your life can become a gateway to an experience of yourself that is more true, more whole, more vibrant … and then to see what wants to create in your life from this place.

I would be honoured work with you to access your own wisdom, anchor more deeply into your truth, allow your heart to breathe more freely and find the practical ways to live from this place.