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Deborah Jackson, Psychologist. Portria


ESSENCE ~ “The Ultimate Guide to the Deep True You.”


You are amazing and much needed. Maybe sometimes life gets in the way of that, of you being, experiencing and offering all that you are, from your heart and your smarts. Working together we can ease and evolve things. Even very serious things. The more you have been touched by life, the more you have to offer back. And if you’ve needed to hold back, let’s look into that too. Psychology has much to offer with its research and evidence-based processes. Beyond that, we will be listening out for the voice of your soul-self, easing stress and pain and allowing you to express the unique power and beauty that is you.

More about your essential self.

More on approaches that help.

What I believe.


You may be feeling stuck or down, stressed, frustrated or just not yourself. Perhaps something in your life is not working the way it could.

Counselling can provide the tools, insights and processes to work through life issues and also to heal the deeper place in you they may relate to. You are then free to experience life and create anew with greater awareness and wholeness.

Life issues I can help with:

Stress and anxiety
Depression, including Bipolar Disorder
PTSD and trauma healing
Grief and loss


What wants to create in your life?

Do you know who you are at the center of you?

Can you accept what you find, your strength and beauty as well as your losses and longings?

“Essence of you” coaching sessions offer a space to slow down, go inside, feel what’s really true for you now, where the movement is and create anew from there …

You may wish to explore:

Identity, personal strengths, life purpose
Creating a new business, brand or project
Clarifying and living your values
Holistic well-being
Self expression
Spiritual themes

What “Essence of You ” coaching can do for you:

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