I believe in neuroscience, in understanding the neural correlates to our physical, mental and emotional experiencing – this helps us keep it real, reduce judgement and know what will help.  I am heartened by new understandings around epigenetics and what we can do to prevent and manage the expression of harmful genetic potential.

I believe in the ability of our minds to both reflect and create our current reality.  I believe we need to understand more about the relationship between our physical brain and our minds that think; about how they constantly shape and evolve each other.

I believe that the conscious essence of who we are is so much more than our minds.  I believe there is much wisdom held in the body; that it evolves in response to the hurts and challenges we are exposed to, as well as the investments we make in it.  That our bodies are capable of great joy and expansion and hold for us the universal energy that is all.

I believe that conscious breath is the taking in and circulating of the life energy that is our connection with the larger environment of which we are all part.

I believe in the mystical language of the soul and how it speaks to us in whispers, in longings and yearnings, in images and flutterings and in moments where the light falls just so and something inside you melts and opens.

I believe in learning, in knowledge and personal insights.  In being curious, discovering and trying things on, finding what fits.

I believe in you.  Who you are at the core.  The part that burns on despite all of life’s challenges and hardships, disappointments and repressions, false  bravado.

When we meet I seek to create safety so that part can come forward.  I open my heart and eyes and intellect to listen for clues, to see the signs, so that we may connect in this place, in this way, soul to soul.

I listen for what’s needed, what’s desired, what wants to be seen, what needs tending, what desires expression or connection.

You guide me, at your pace and your invitation, so that together we are clear about what your soul most desires.

We hold this, energise it, nurture and nourish it.

We soothe the hurts, allow the anger and ease the anxiety, so there is more room for your soul-self to shine.

We make it a priority, make more room for it in your life, add in places and people and connections that support it; allow the rest to gently fall away.

I encourage your curiousity, your celebration of your self and life, your fresh child’s eyes as you step into the world from this place.


About Deborah Jackson