A wonderful book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, appreciated by many as the man who brought Zen Buddhist Mindfulness practices to the West, researched their clinical effectiveness and found simple ways to offer them to patients for medical and psychological easing, as well as into the corporate world for performance. In this beautiful little book, Jon introduces the concept of Mindfulness, with short chapters, reflections to digest and a CD with guided meditations to support you in your personal practice. [/one_fourth]

Is your life too crazy busy to even notice your truest desires and sense of self, let alone act on it? With lovely invitations such as “when was the last time you danced?” and the value of kindness, Mark and Danny lead you through a gradual and very do-able process from crazy to calm.

A treasure trove of simple practices and reminders to help you align with your “Buddha Brain” or your calm and wise self. Starting with “Be For Yourself”, through being grateful, getting excited and remembering your strengths, Rick Hanson offers just enough science and just enough “how to” in simple bite-sized pieces. Flip through to find a strategy for here and now. Great as a gift.