One hour in your week just for you.

Time to reflect on:

– How connected you are feeling to your heart-felt needs, values and goals

– What’s generating stress in your life and strategies for managing that

– How well you are utilising your strengths to achieve what matters most

– What your soul is calling you into

Fridays can bring a little sense of easing and spaciousness for some, with the hard work of the week mostly done and some free time opening up.

Book a session to help connect back in with yourself and create again in your life from this place.

Better still, make a regular fortnightly booking for 3 months and give yourself space to breathe and grow and be supported while you do.

Most of us manage better with someone on our team, listening, holding space and helping to evolve the stuck things.

Sessions are $150 each, paid in advance.

Call to book a friday Skype

Call 0423 167 376.

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