My suggestions for good books by topic

  • Healing from trauma

    It’s important to understand the brain science behind your experience and to learn a range of techniques to help you manage the hyper-arousal or shut down of your nervous system.

  • Mindfulness

    Modern life can leave us very disconnected.  Here are some simple books to help you slow down and connect to your moment by moment experience.

  • Managing strong emotion

    Feeling overwhelmed by worries, loneliness, abandonment, fear, anger or other difficult emotions?  There are some great strategies for slowing it down and making things more manageable.

  • Books on empathy

    Learn how to truly be with others, at home and at work.  Reap the benefits that come when you offer higher levels of empathic understanding.

  • Relationship

    Some great ideas here for creating relating that is both sacred and mindful.

  • Sacred sexuality

    Bring your full sacred self into your erotic life.  Tantric practices for building, releasing, deepening and expanding.