Peter Levine, a doctor of medical biophysics and psychology, has spent 35 years studying the relationship between trauma and the body. His writing style is simple and expresses a common humanity and belief in our innate capacity to heal.  In this book he draws on observations from the animal kingdom to draw a clear picture about how the body responds to and can heal from trauma.  For me, this is a really important book for anyone recovering from acute or chronic trauma or those around them who seek to understand.  A good map can make the world of difference and this book will help you understand why you respond the way you do and how to support your own healing on a physiological level.

This is a wonderful little “how to” book with CD included that takes you step by step through a series of exercises to help you connect again with your body, to feel safe doing so and to open again into the richness of your inner landscape.  It is only through this mind-body healing and integration that trauma can ease and more of your essential self can show itself in your life.

Information on therapeutic approaches I work with for healing PTSD and trauma.