Beach swim

Sunday.  Organised paperwork.  Big yay, well done me.  Wrote angry letter to complaints department of internet provider.  Momentary fantasy of being heard and experiencing some customer service.  Three loads washing on line in hot sunlight, dry in minutes.  Crunchy, warm from sun.  Nice.

Trip to shops to return an item, order some prints, got lost a little while trying on new bathers running more fantasies of my body in them with boobs up and tummy flat.

Big big noise on roof … air-con? … no … cyclonic Queensland rain.  That means no time for my lap swimming.  Had it all timed out perfectly, with lap swimming as the cool reward for hard work on hot day, now pool was closed.  Cranky.

Drove to the river instead, the water was calling.  Cold, shivery now.  Barefeet across wet sand, toes in water, feet in water, ankles in water .. actually it’s really nice in the water.  Clothes off, jumped in, got exercise swimming against the current, got dizzy turning round and round and round again in the water coz it felt like fun.  Ran sprint style from river to car, yet more fantasies of athleticism.   Got into car, breathing fast, rain on the water where the river meets the ocean, me all cosy inside now, warm clothes back on.

What do you know?

Time slowed down.  And opened up.  And linked me into similar moments across my whole life, being cosy with the rain outside, by the water, being cosy in the car with my Dad eating fish and chips while he drove me home from piano lessons, listening to serious type things on the radio.  A wonderful moment of time expanded and peace in my heart.

Who has a similar story of time expanding?

What happens when you let go of the order of events your logic-mind creates and find an access point into a different reality?  What opens things up for you – nature, water, a cup of tea, noticing the mind antics and then moving in the direction of play, spontaneity, listening to where your body wants to go and what it wants to do?

Would love to hear …