Party in the sky

Glimmer, shimmer
Lying in wait.

Who knew what was there as the cars drove past.

Party in the sky,
As sunlight fills past full to festival,
and unbound sheafs tip their hats to tiny rounds
that pack a punch.
That laugh and dance and tease their luminosity.

Are you ready for me?

Small moments ..


I was stretching, reaching, wanting a breakthrough.

The house was small, I didn’t stray far.

The light over the river was fresh then stark then soft.


And it’s rhythm got in.


The night stars spoke to me from the inky water.

The scrapey, scratchy old love seat said “lay me down” and I did.


I never sat in the movie star chairs, they told stories of other people and all people and no people, of twosomes.


And the gentle breeze of the treehouse eased me.

Reflections from a time-out mini retreat just for me.


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Deborah Jackson, Psychologist.