2014 wrap and 2015 open into new

Reflect on what 2014 has brought you.  Love it & let it go.  Breathe into the new.

My season’s gift to you is a process here, to reflect on the year you’ve just had and what it’s brought you and to open deeply into the now, the new expression and new energies filtering through.

Do it with a friend or partner – it’s a chance to hear each other on a deeper level and hold space together for new intentions and emerging energies.

2014 review & 2015 open into new djp
2014 wrap – 2015 new

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PART A – Video reflection questions for 2014 (6 min)

  1. What was the landscape and feeling tone of 2014?
  2. What are you most proud of?
  3. How has life delighted you this year?
  4. What are you most grateful for?
  5. What almost got the better of you this year?  How did you get yourself through it?
  6. What was bittersweet in 2014? How did that enhance your connection with what is most meaningful in your life?

PART B – Guided meditation to open into yourself and what is now emerging through you (7 min)

If you want to get straight into the video, here’s the link:

2014-2015 review and renew

PART C – Journal pages to record what you notice and choose for yourself.

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Compassionate seeing

I was challenging myself yesterday, what do I stand for, in my work and in life?

Compassionate seeing

Care for self and other

Vision and excitement

Breathing into the one-ness of all and lighting with it …

Back to compassionate seeing, I want to explain further …

For me, compassionate seeing helps people unlock the mysteries of their lives.  This is not about “playing nice” or excuses as some tough love proponents might suggest.  It says that once we get there, to wherever that place is where there is stuckness or holding, fear or shut-down, enough compassion will melt it.

I had this demonstrated for me once and this woman continues to inspire my work – for those based in Sydney, I highly recommend Karen Daniels, should you be lucky enough to secure sessions with her for Expressive Therapies.

We can do this for ourselves, of course, this is essential.  And it is amplified when someone holds the field with and for us. Or more than one person. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have experienced this?  Or maybe you haven’t experienced it so much in your life.  So go ahead, close your eyes, imagine what this would feel like.  Paint a vivid picture.

By my late 30’s I had learned a lot about letting go and surrendering into each moment, about being kind and accepting, allowing of myself.  But something happened when she added her seeing to my own.  There was extra focus, more energy, more space, more opening and more movement.

She stayed with the process and I did too – long enough.  Just.  Maybe.  Shit happened.  Through the turmoil and darkness, through intense subtle level experiences and initiations, through physical pain and destitution in life, through crazy alone-ness and awe-filled gratitude for the process that was unfolding within me and through me.

Karen worked in the modality of expressive therapies – this meant utilising art, movement, sound and breathing to deepen into and express inner experience.  What happened as an outcome of all this compassionate seeing, space holding, deepening, accepting and expressing … well I will see how I can share this another day, but for now let’s say it gave me a direct experiencing of Life Force moving through me in a way so rich, so powerful, so tender and so unifying …

I like to hold that space for all the people who come to see me, the possibility of this.  Perhaps even the inevitability of this, under the right conditions.

So this compassionate seeing, it’s not an airy-fairy thing.  In my view and experience it unlocks powerful energy and the direct experiencing of your true self, your divine self, Life in all its fullness.


Below is a link to a 20 min meditation practice, to open into an experience of self-compassion and to use this energy to help heal and bring ease to any aspects of self that may be feeling a little “less than”.  Also an invitation to utilise compassion to open up and support any difficult interpersonal dynamics.


Soft yoga.

I went to a yoga class last Friday night, run by a wonderful woman I work with, Dee Parkinson.  It had been a full on work week with late nights, challenges and changes.  I finished with my last client just in time to don some stretchy pants, eat two squares of dark chocolate (hey, it’s good for you!) and get to the community hall.

It was dimly lit, with quiet music and people lying down with their legs up the wall. Made me a little nervous.  I’m not really a yoga person.  Dance I love, but I never really got into yoga classes.  I think I understand something of the experience of yoga, meaning union, as a freeing of blocks in the body and a breathing into all of life, but the classes never quite worked into my timetable.

She said “lie down”.  Gratitude.  I lay down and put my legs up the wall.  “Just be” she said.  OK.

Over the next 90 min, my eyes shut for half of it, my body was gently turned and coaxed from this position to another with so much time to sink way past the stretch and wobble into a deep letting go.  What did she say?  Like merging into water.  Once I felt gentle, beautiful tears behind my eyes.  At other times it brought an opening and an energy flow that was ecstatic, I could have stayed there forever, the last woman on the dark floor.

Woven through was a little information here, a gentle touch there.  Nurturing.

When I left I felt my body in a new way and loved the all over tingling and freedom.

Best thing for me though – it was all so slow and gentle.  No challenge or “push through” here, just a gentle opening, an invitation into feeling and aliveness.

If yoga to you means “physical challenge”, I encourage you to find and experience something slow and beautiful in your local area.  Try searching under Dru Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Integral Yoga.