Embody your soul purpose

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Trauma can blunt the free flow of your authentic self energy. The right environment and connections can free it.

What does nature want for you?

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A different kind of blog today.  Some pictures taken on a roadtrip inland, back from Sydney.  I had been visiting my Mum in a nursing home, her Dementia rapidly advancing.  Such special and emotional time, in a relationship that had been,…
2014 review & 2015 open into new djp

2014 wrap and 2015 open into new

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Reflect on what 2014 has brought you.  Love it & let it go.  Breathe into the new. My season's gift to you is a process here, to reflect on the year you've just had and what it's brought you and to open deeply into the now, the new expression…

Living tender

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Modern life.  So much rush.  So much pace.  So much surface. Tenderness can seem a luxury.  Something for another time or someone else or a special scene in a movie. How much do you allow tenderness to move you if it happens?  You've…
women as art in motion

What started your descent into love with yourself?

In my 30’s it began. I romanced myself in the gothic bathroom of the old semi in Balmain. Jasmin grew from outside in the cracks of the rotting window sill and hung long down into my bath-tub. I lit candles. The floor was concrete, the room…

Interview on Australia Counselling: Helping clients achieve mind-body wellness

I was recently interview by CEO of Australia Counselling, Clinton Power, about my practice.  It was great to have a chance to think carefully about who I help and how. [hr] Australia Counselling member Deborah Jackson is a psychologist practicing…
Why I love yoga pic

Why Do I Love Yoga? – Dee Parkinson

A colleague, friend and sacred-gifted yoga teacher shared this with me today, something she wrote whilst on a yoga retreat in Ubud.  I felt to pass it on.  How do you connect into your body and yourself? "For me, yoga has been my medicine.…
Trust image Deborah Jackson Psychology

Trust; how something bigger caught my tender and held it for me

Sitting at my desk, feeling tender, writing from my heart. A half unpacked suitcase sits nearby from a week ago.  The house I tidied spotlessly (rare event) before Christmas now has piles of paper and life residue everywhere. Feeling tender…
Party in the Sky

Party in the sky

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Glimmer, shimmer Lying in wait. Who knew what was there as the cars drove past. Party in the sky, As sunlight fills past full to festival, and unbound sheafs tip their hats to tiny rounds that pack a punch. That laugh and dance and…

Neurotransmitters, talk therapy and creating a healing climate in the brain

I'm  going to a workshop in Brisbane this week facilitated by Pieter Rossouw.  Pieter is the Director of the Master of Counselling Program at the School of Psychology and the School of Social Work and Human Services at The University of Queensland.…