Embody your soul purpose

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Trauma can blunt the free flow of your authentic self energy. The right environment and connections can free it.

What does nature want for you?

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A different kind of blog today.  Some pictures taken on a roadtrip inland, back from Sydney.  I had been visiting my Mum in a nursing home, her Dementia rapidly advancing.  Such special and emotional time, in a relationship that had been,…

Living tender

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Modern life.  So much rush.  So much pace.  So much surface. Tenderness can seem a luxury.  Something for another time or someone else or a special scene in a movie. How much do you allow tenderness to move you if it happens?  You've…
Party in the Sky

Party in the sky

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Glimmer, shimmer Lying in wait. Who knew what was there as the cars drove past. Party in the sky, As sunlight fills past full to festival, and unbound sheafs tip their hats to tiny rounds that pack a punch. That laugh and dance and…
Dove Sketch 2 FInal

What do you really look like?

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Ever watched a child play and felt your heart open, a smile catch you unawares as you see the beauty in their absorption in life, whether it be the ice-cream, their sadness or the kite in the sky (hey, I love how kites have become cool again…